Best CRM Dialer on an All-in-One Platform

Shape Software
  • June 4, 2022
  • 4 min read
  • Best CRM Dialer on an All-in-One Platform

    Capture more leads and improve caller efficiency with a dialing system built directly into your sales and CRM software.

    The global customer relationship management (CRM) market size is projected to be $128.97 billion by 2028—a 12.1% increase from $58.04 billion in 2021. As a result, companies must keep their CRM up to date with the latest features to meet demand, build agent efficiency, and streamline workflow. 

    Increased Productivity with One Click

    An integrated dial system eliminates the time-consuming process of calling leads and instead automates the process to save time, increase productivity, and capture quality leads and insights.

    A CRM dialer streamlines your agent’s workload by enabling one-click calling to multiple prospects. Increased calls results in more meaningful conversations which results in increased productivity and boosts in revenue.

    Shape’s built-in dialer will help make your sales outreach more efficient and streamlined by giving you the insights you need to save your representative’s time.

    Improve Call Quality and Increase Agent Efficacy

    Call monitoring with heads up display is the process of listening in on employee calls for the purpose of improving communication and customer service. This process helps to decrease agent training time and provide a high-quality support experience. Our interface offers easy navigation for a simple setup.

    Local presence allows users to make calls using a local phone number. The system can automatically dial prospects using local area codes to boost the number of calls picked up by customers, clients, and candidates. This can help increase leads as familiar-looking numbers are more likely to be answered.

    A predictive dialer acts as an outbound calling system by automatically dialing phone numbers. This reduces the risk of potential errors that can be made by an agent. The dialer will then connect answered calls to agents for maximum productivity.

    Integrated Workflow to Streamline Operations

    Unlike a traditional phone system, Shape offers a built-in auto dialer directly from our interface without the need for additional resources or third-party software. Easily manage all your prospects in an organized fashion from one platform.

    An integrated CRM enables agents to gather an intuitive collection of data about potential customers and employees alike. With data right at your fingertips, agents can monitor prospects to refine their sales process and achieve better quality leads.

    Shape’s cloud-based phone system supports inbound and outbound calling through your web browser or external phone line to enhance customer satisfaction. No other hardware is necessary which can increase agent productivity and ultimately company revenue.

    The Best CRM Dialer at a Competitive Price

    Some CRM companies charge for a block of minutes, whether you use them or not. At Shape, we offer transparent and competitive pricing for our integrated auto dialing service and its countless features. 

    Let’s say your agents spend 3,000 minutes on calls each month, with the average call lasting up to 7 minutes…

    Shape’s CRM plans priced from just $15 per month per user, gets you more than 400 calls each month for under $100. Compared to others, you will find that Shape’s solution offers quality features at a price your company can appreciate. 

    Get everything you need with Shape.