Best CRM with Client Portal Integrated

Save over 20 hours a month, and close deals 50% faster. Deliver positive experiences that keep customers coming back.

How does Shape save organizations 20 hours a month and close deals 50% faster? Smooth onboarding, positive customer experiences, and always-on availability.

The majority of today’s customers expect to have access to a customer portal. Give them the best. Shape’s CRM with client portal is customizable, integrated, and smart. 

A professional first impression — accessible on any device.

Put your clients at ease even when uploading their most personal data. Shape offers a professional, branded self-service document management system, through which clients can upload documents, financial statements, and more.

Customize your client portal with your logo, branding, color preferences, and lifecycle milestones. Extend brand awareness and create a bespoke environment for your customers.

Shape’s CRM with client portal is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Broaden your audience to speakers of multiple languages and ensure that you get clear, accurate information.

Create a unique co-branded landing page for partners that you work with. Increase client trust by integrating two businesses’ strong reputations while collecting lead information from possible new clients.

Increase your pull-thru rate with easy-to-use question & answer tiles.

Through survey-style lead funnels, clients experience better engagement and reduced cognitive load. Ensure that they reach the end of the application process with our customizable user experience.

Hide and show desired intake questions through Shape’s easy-to-use portal settings, and create your own custom questions unique to your business.

Visually encourage customers to complete their applications with an easy-to-understand progress bar. Let customers know how close they are to completing their application.

Secure document uploads all in one place.

Create document needs list templates unique to each situation. Stop digging through emails for attachments and automatically and securely gather all required documents in one place.

Provide an easy drag-and-drop solution for your clients to securely upload documents. Never be forced to comb through emails for documents again.

Shape’s native eSignature tool is a sophisticated, mobile-optimized eSignature solution built on the Shape platform that allows you to digitize your process without the cost and maintenance of a third party.

Collapse sales timelines with status updates and reminders.

With milestones and progress visibility, your client’s satisfaction levels drive them to complete tasks and reassure them information is completed.

Automate communications by nurturing leads through the application, updating customers and partners at crucial milestones, so you can focus on what you do best—closing more business.

Instant notifications inform you, your customers, and linked partners of information or documents needed, making staying up-to-date fast, simple, and transparent.

Customize your CRM with easily installed add-ons.

ShapeIQ Lead Scoring

Powered by artificial intelligence, ShapeIQ’s lead scoring forecasts which leads are most likely to convert and why—while also identifying the leads least likely to make a commitment. Find out how Shape’s predictive lead scoring can help your organization work faster and more efficiently.

Customer Point-of-Sale

Establish a simple, secure hub through which customers can upload documents, fill out information, and send messages. Streamline your point-of-sale process, improve your customer experience, and close deals at the speed of light.

Digital Ads and IP Target Marketing

Deliver a hyper-personalized, privacy-compliant digital ad experience with unparalleled precision across the millions of websites that your customers visit. Through Shape’s digital advertising and IP target marketing software, you’ll never miss a lead.

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