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Shape Lead Engine Service Agreement

This Order Form and Billing Authorization and the following Shape Lead Engine Service agreement (together the “Lead Engine Customer Agreements” or “Agreements”), outlines the products ordered by (“we”, “us”, “our, or “I”) on the date we click the Pay Securely button above “Effective Date” from Shape Software Inc. (“Shape Lead Engine”) and the terms and agreements agreed to by and between us and Shape. The Order Form includes the information of the initial and future charges and terms of the order. By clicking “Pay Securely”, I agree to this Lead Engine Customer Agreements and its related agreements as described below.

I hereby order the products outlined in the Agreements above, and I have read, understand and accept the Shape Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use, Refund Policy, Order Notes, these Lead Engine Customer Agreements and all other agreements and policies found at the footer of www.setshape.com, which are fully incorporated hereinto and recapitulated hereby (the “Shape Lead Engine Agreements”). My acceptance of the Shape Lead Engine Agreements are deemed a continuing acceptance, meaning that each time I use any Shape service or offering, including the services or offerings described on my Order Form, I agree to the then-current version of the Agreements. The Order Notes and this Agreement shall control over the Agreements wherever they are inconsistent, or silent. I certify that I have the actual and apparent authority to sign and enter into this binding legal contract for the company or organization making this purchase.

I further understand and agree to Shape’s terms below:

  • Shape does not provide refunds for any reason.
  • We authorize the Total Charged Today amount in the Order Form and upon our branded URL being live and accessible online, all services have been rendered by Shape.
  • We agree that we will pay the Total Charged Today amount every calendar month (“Monthly Payment”) for us of the products outlined in the Order Form.
  • We authorize Shape Software Inc. or its designated assignee, including Shape Software LLC to bill and charge us the Total Charged Today and Monthly Payments including all Renewal Terms.
  • Upon renewal, Shape may increase its fees to reflect future changes to its prices. I agree that my Order Notes may contain material changes to the Shape Customer Agreements or other Shape standard terms
  • I understand that if my payment method declines for any reason, Shape may be entitled to charge and collect further fees and costs related to any actual losses it suffers, including chargeback fees. I will notify Shape in advance if I anticipate that my payment method will decline for any reason at any time.
  • Our Subscription Term and Products Ordered will automatically renew at the end of each Subscription Term for additional periods equal to the duration of the Subscription Term, unless canceled 30 days prior to the end of a Subscription Term.
  • Monthly Payments are due once each calendar month.
  • In order to make changes to my Lead Engine Account I may go to Setshape.com/settings-lead-engine.

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