How to Bypass Distribution Rules by Assigning via Post URL

Although Shape supports distribution rules as leads enter the system, some companies may want to distribute their leads prior to entering Shape.

Note: To assign leads through post URL, you’ll need to use the user IDs or the user names exactly as they appear in Shape.

Acquiring the Field Mappings for your Departments

Get here by clicking on “Settings” in the gradient navigation bar and navigating to “Sales & Marketing Automation” on the left hand sidebar, or clicking the link below.

Marketing Sources:

The field mappings stay consistent from source to source. Scroll to the bottom of the opened source and search for “user” or export the field mappings to provide to your marketing company with instructions on which mappings to use.

For example “John Smith” to “Johnny Smith” but user IDs don’t change. You can get a list of the user IDs from the system admin or if you have access to Shape, you can find them in the Manage Users settings page:

Note: You can assign one user per department. Ex: you can assign one processor, loan officer, and loan partner at once through the posting URL, but cannot assign 2 loan officers.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! You can also just let distribution rules take care of the distribution. This method is specific to bypassing distribution to assign a specific user.

Please reach out to with all of the details of what you are looking to accomplish and our dedicated support team will research this on your behalf!

Yes! You can set your distribution rules to only apply to specific users if you have other users that you do not want to receive these leads.

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