With the BombBomb–Shape integration, Shape users can seamlessly add videos to email and SMS messages directly from within Shape. This integration will provide a more personalized and face-to-face experience when connecting with clients. With the use of this integration you are able to create and build relationships with the click of a button.

Integration Capabilities:

Integrating your BombBomb Account to Shape

Get here by clicking on “Settings” in the gradient navigation bar and navigating to “Integrations” on the left hand sidebar, or clicking the link below.


A popup may appear asking you to allow Shape permission to access BombBomb. Click “Allow” to continue with the integration.

Once connected, the “Connect” button will change to “Connected” confirming that you have successfully integrated BombBomb into your Shape Software system.

Using your Videos in Email Templates

If you’d like to use your BombBomb videos in your pre-written email templates, navigate to the “Email Templates” settings page under the “Templates” section, or click here.

A drop down menu will appear containing three icons. Click on the last icon which will open up a browser popup with your BombBomb Images.

In order to send ‘videos’ BombBomb converts your videos into animated images, which most email providers support. The animated image will show a portion of your video as a preview. If the image is not moving, then this means that this is not an animated video/image, but rather just an image.

Embedding BombBomb videos in Advanced Email Templates

You will first need to find the Link Block button located in the right-hand toolbar. Drag & drop the Link Block icon into your template.

Find your BombBomb videos by clicking on the video icon in the top toolbar. Press “Copy URL” on the video that you’d like to embed.

Press “Copy URL” on the video that you’d like to embed.

Click on the link block and choose the settings icon to find the Href field.

Embedding BombBomb Videos in SMS Templates

Go to Settings in the top gradient bar and open “Templates & Resources” to find the SMS settings page.

Add a new template, or edit an existing one.

A pop up will open containing your BombBomb videos. Copy the Bitlink of the desired video and paste it in the body of the SMS template with ctrl + v.

Press “Copy URL” on the video that you’d like to embed.

Click on the link block and choose the settings icon to find the Href field.

Sending BombBomb videos in a Direct Text

Embedding BombBomb videos in Direct Emails

Send emails with an existing email template or Advanced Email templates containing BombBomb videos by selecting the “Choose Email Template” in the email popup. You can also embed BombBomb videos straight in the email body via the email pop up. Send personalized 1:1 emails directly to your customers by clicking on the email icon in the list view or on the email address in the customer profile page to bring up the email popup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently in Shape, video images are not sendable in SMS messaging. The video will send as a link to play the video.

This is due to not embedding the video as an image. If it is not added as an image first, then there will be no video preview image.

This is due to inserting the video as an image but not inserting the link so that when clicked, it will take the customer to the video.

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