How to Utilize the Bulk Record Update Feature

Bulk Record Update allows you to update multiple records in your system at the same time. Bulk record update lists can be a Comma Delimited Text (.csv) file and must contain the Shape record ID of the records you want to update.

Note: The Bulk Record Update feature is for updating records that exist in your system already with new information.

If you need to import new files to the system, use the Import Settings Page:

Start by navigating to “Settings” in the navigation bar. Next click the dropdown labeled “Account Management” to find the “Bulk Record Update” settings page.

Bulk Record Update:

Click on the “Drop Files to Upload” area and choose your CSV file to update within Shape. Once your file has been uploaded, you’ll need to map the columns of your spreadsheet to the appropriate fields within Shape.

Please note, the record ID is required for bulk record updating. If you do not include the record ID then the system will not know where to update and the data will not be imported to the system. As soon as all the fields are properly mapped, you’ll want to click on “Confirm Import” at the bottom.

You can navigate to Reports > Import Report to check on the progress once the import has been initiated. Once the import is complete you can check your files to ensure that the information you just updated has now been filled out properly.

Import Report:

Note: If at any point you do not know what the field names should be mapped to, you can use the import field guide on the Bulk Record Update Settings Page to determine how to map your spreadsheet columns. Use the search bar at the top of the field guide to find the appropriate field in Shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

The record ID is a column in Shape labeled “ID”. Simply bring this column onto your list view and export your records to a CSV which will include the record ID.

Most commonly, it is used for updating a field in multiple records that was imported incorrectly and was left blank. This avoids having to delete and re-import the records to correct the mistake!

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