Calyx Point (Point Central) + Shape Software Integration

With the Calyx Point (Point Central)–Shape bi-directional integration, loan originators who are using Shape to automate their mortgage processes and to manage their lead & customer database, can seamlessly create new loans in Point Central directly from within Shape, maintaining all important borrower information and correspondence in a single location.

When the integration is configured and active, originators will be able to:

  • Migrate existing Point Central loan borrower contact records into Shape.

  • Instantly start a new Point Central loan file from within a Shape contact record via a press of a button, or an automated trigger from a status change.

  • Synchronize borrower information between Shape and Point Central on a regular basis.

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 9.45.41 PM.png

Integration Details

Please contact for more information about the Shape-Point Central Integration.

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