Department Workflows in Shape Software

Department Workflows

What are Department Workflows in Shape Software? A department is a group of people that have the same daily tasks and areas of expertise and ability. An example of this would be your sales department vs your HR department. Because not all departments have the same daily activities, we give you the control to change the workflow tabs that you want your departments to see for a more customized experience. Need different tabs? Contact us at and we will customize your system to better fit your needs.

How to use your Editable Documents. In the top navigation, navigate to your settings pages. On the settings pages left-hand sidebar, click “Department workflow.” There, you will see your list of departments but if not go ahead and click “Add Department” in the top right corner. his page controls the workflow for this department. Guide your users through this department's process. You can easily delete and re-organize the workflow tabs that show on your prospects and accounts details pages. Need different tabs? Contact us.

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