What are Company Resource Documents?

Company documents are templated documents that you’re able to send to your records via the “Resources” tab. Upload your files that you need to send over and over again to records like posters, flyers, & content. Also, use the mapping functionality for .pdf or MS Word Documents to customize the document with merge tags.

Adding Company Resource Documents

Start by navigating to “Settings” in the top gradient bar. Next click the dropdown labeled “Templates & Resources” to find the “Company Resource Documents” settings page.

Company Resource Documents: https://secure.setshape.com/company-documents

Either click on the uploads area to upload files from your device or drag and drop your files over the file upload area.

Your uploaded documents will show in the “Documents” section below the uploads area.

Use the ‘Add New Folder” button to further organize your content by section.

If you have PDF documents that you’d like to map with merge tags, use the “Map” action option to fill the document with variable data points such as “First Name” etc.

If you are using MS Word Documents, pre-map your documents in Microsoft Word using our tags further down on the page. MS Word documents with pre-mapped merge tags will automatically populate the variable data points in the “Resources” tab of the record.

After enabling portal users, you should be able to open a contact in your system and see a new “Portal” tab, which supports  

*Please note that the users with portal access are billed a monthly license fee for portal subscriptions.

Sending your Company Resource Documents to Contacts

Most templates already have the “Resources” tab enabled. If not, then head over to “Manage Departments” and add the “Resources” tab to the departments that would benefit from using this default feature.

Send company documents via email, preview or download. Sent documents will have a history below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Any documents uploaded here for your users will be available for your users to send to your clients.

Yes! This is set from the Role Permissions settings page. Simply uncheck the box for any role that you do now want to have access to upload files here.

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