Configuring your Company Settings Page

Your Company settings page is where you can adjust your company contact information, company logo, add a footer for your customer facing POS Portal, and much more!

Start by navigating to “Settings” in the top gradient bar. Next click the dropdown labeled “Account Management” to find the “Company Settings” settings page.

You will find the fields here to enter in the contact information for your company such as Company Name, Company Email, Company Phone, Company Address, etc.

You will find additional fields to enter in your website URL, timezone, and a Portal Footer for your customers. 

The portal footer is normally used to add a company motto to the bottom of the application to add that personal touch.

The company logo that is added here will be utilized as the logo when a customer uses the company link to apply on your portal. 

Suggested logo size: 160px X 160px for square or 250px X 150px for rectangle

Note: The timezone selected on the Company Settings page is the timezone that will run the automation in your system. So any scheduled drip campaigns or triggers run off the Company timezone and not the customer or user timezone selected in their user profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend a size of 160 X 160 pixels for the logo size. It is important to note that if the picture size is too large in the file you are uploading, then the picture will likely come out blurry.

Currently your Shape system can only have one company associated with it on the company settings page.

The Portal Footer will appear at the bottom of your application landing page and is most commonly used for a Company motto that you would like to share with your customers.

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