Setting up your User Profile

There are 4 tabs to configure in the user profile settings. Each user must configure their user profile settings.

Personal Information Tab

Enter in your basic profile information. If you have an individual Calendly or Acuity link that you want to pull into an email template as variable data from user to user, put in your calendar links here.

Your profile picture will appear at the top right across Shape as well as on your Portal referral landing page.

Change your password if you need to make an adjustment. Make sure you follow the password rules.


Two-factor authentication (2fa) is a method of establishing access to an online account or computer system that requires the user to provide two different types of information. 2FA is an extra layer of security used to make sure that people trying to gain access to an online account are who they say they are.

Choose from either a text or email. When you have 2FA enabled, upon logging in with your username and password, you will also receive a code texted or emailed to your preferred method. You will need to enter in this code in order to proceed with logging into Shape.

Create your Email Signature

Either copy/paste in your current email signature or use our WYSIWYG rich text HTML editor to build in your email signature. Create a single email signature or multiple if you wear many hats, but make sure to make one your default email signature. If you find that the spacing is too large, use Shift+Enter to single space the lines.

Upload your Voicemail Recordings

Upload your MP3 audio files for your inbound voicemail greetings from directly within your user profile. 

You can also upload your MP3 voicemail recordings to use with your outbound voicemail drop within your user profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! You will set one default signature and can have as many secondary signatures to choose from as needed.

Your voicemail recordings must be in MP3 format to upload properly.

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