Adjusting Record Visibility for your Users

Shape Software provides a flexible data sharing design that allows you to expose different data sets to different sets of users, so users can do their job without seeing data they don’t need to see. Define how user roles within your system are able to view records.

By default, admins can see all records. Directors and Managers can see Assigned Records to themselves and their team members (requires set up in Manage Teams). Finally, Users and Portal Users can only see their assigned records. Customize your record visibility by role in this settings page.

Start by clicking “Settings” in the top navigation bar and you will find “Record Visibility by Role” under the “Users & Permissions” dropdown.

Record Visibility by Role:

Simply click the “Choose” option under the Action column to find the edit button where you can select the record visibility for each user role.

Options for record visibility are different for each user role:

  • User: Assigned Records Only, All Records
  • Manager: Assigned Records Only, All Records, All Team Records
  • Director: Assigned Records Only, All Records, All Team Records
  • Admin: Assigned Records Only, All Records
  • Portal User: Assigned Records Only

Record Visibility, Master Search, and Share Inbox Options

You will notice that there are 3 dropdowns that can have visibility adjusted. Those options are defined below:

This dropdown determines what records are visible to each user role in the CRM. Some roles may need access to all records while others may only need to see records they are assigned.

This dropdown determines what records are visible to each user role when using the search bar in the top navigation bar. Someone who can only see assigned records on their list view, but can search all records, will find the records greyed out and be able to add notes but not call, text or email that file.

The Share Inbox is the communication inbox for the system. Use this dropdown to determine what call, text, and emails are visible in the inbox. For example, and Admin may need to see every record in the system, but only want to see communications from the records they are assigned in their inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Using the master search feature in Shape, a user can see records that they are not assigned however they will not be able to make any changes or contact them and only add a note.

Yes! However this is accomplished from the Record Assignments Settings Page linked here:

Once here, you can select which user roles will have the permission to assign records as well as set a limit on how many records they can assign per day.

This is done from the Role Permissions as well as the Report Access Permissions page linked below.

These settings pages are used to determine which roles in your system have access to each settings page.

Role Permissions:

Report Access Permissions:

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