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Shape Software Dashboard Settings

Configuring your Dashboard

Control what you track on your system dashboard. Although you cannot create your own custom graphs, you can dictate what you track in the pre-made graphs that appear when you first log into Shape Software.

First navigate to “Settings” in the top gradient navigation bar. Then click the “Custom Configuration” dropdown on the left-hand side to find the “Dashboard” settings page.

This graph reflects monthly (or weekly) numbers that show in a horizontal bar graph indicating how many records are from each source during the time frame selected.

This graph reflects the monthly number of prospects or accounts sitting in each status.

Click and drag the statuses to re-order them as desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently in Shape, you cannot re-order and move the graphs around. However the information that is displayed there can configured. 

On the dashboard you will find the funded loans section that displays your funded loans for the month.

This page cannot currently be removed from your view in the system.

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