What is the Difference Between Deleting and Disabling a User?

There are very small differences between deleted and inactive users in Shape Software. Deleted users are removed entirely from your system. Inactive/disabled users (a user with an “Inactive” status) remain in the list of users in case you would like to re-activate them at some time in the future. Disabled users essentially have no access to the system and they are not billed during the time they are inactive. Below is a breakdown of deleted and disabled / inactive users in the system.

Deleted Users

Note: To delete a user, simply click the “Choose” dropdown next to that user and select “Delete”. You will then be prompted to select where to assign that user’s records.

Inactive/Disabled Users

Note: To disable a user, simply navigate to the User Settings tab and turn OFF the toggle for Active User. You will then decide which user will receive the inactive user’s files. You can re-activate them any time from the Inactive tab next to User Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is because your inactive users have their own tab on the Manage Users settings page. The default is to show “Active” users but click the “Inactive” tab to see your inactive users.

If a user is deleted out of your system, there is not a method for our technicians to recover them. Please be sure that you do not need this user anymore before deleting.

No! You will no longer be charged for the seat on any deleted or inactive users. If you re-activate a user, you will be charged for that user on the following month if you have already paid.


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