Personalizing the Shape Pre-Approval Letter

Want to adjust the design and/or verbiage of the pre-approval letter being sent from Shape? You have the ability to edit the pre-approval letter that is sent out through your customer portal.

You can do this by going to your Settings > Editable Documents. You will then click “Choose” to the right-hand side of the document you’d like to edit, then choose “Edit.”

Editable Documents:

Use the WYSIWYG editor to adjust the font, add images, links, and much more!

Note: Tags that are already generated in the pre-approval letter. Removing these tags may lead to issues in functionality. It is recommended to remove the pre-existing tags only if you do not use that information in your pre-approval letters. The existing merge tags pull the data from the “Send Pre-Approval” popup for both users and partners.

Sending your Pre-Approval Letter to Customers

Once you’ve completed designing/editing the various pre-approval letters you plan on supporting, you can then choose which template to send via the “Portal” tab within your customers’ record files. To do this, open up a customer’s record, navigate to the portal tab. Once on the portal tab, scroll down below the list of documents to find the “Send Pre-Approval Letter” button.

Note: Once the popup appears, enter the desired variants in the popup and choose which letter to send. After, the template selected will preview in the next popup. After reviewing the document preview, you can then send or re-edit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! There is a checkmark within the clients record in Shape to allow referral Partners to generate pre-approval letters from their partner Shape account

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