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  • February 8, 2022
  • 5 min read
  • With the Encompass–Shape bi-directional integration, loan originators who are using Shape to automate their mortgage processes and to manage their lead & customer database, can seamlessly create new loans in Encompass directly from within Shape, maintaining all important borrower information and correspondence in a single location.

    Please reach out to your assigned sales or implementation manager to walk you through the process of integrating Encompass with Shape. You must have the Encompass Bankers Edition as well as the Developer Connect addendum in order to integrate.

    Integration Capabilities

    Creating Loan Files in Encompass

    If you’d like to send more information from Shape to Encompass, we recommend using the 3.2 or 3.4 file option. This must be enabled within Encompass to accept 3.2 and 3.4 file imports.

    Note: If your record is already in Encompass and you would like to connect it to a record within Shape, you will add that record manually to Shape and then add the “Loan Name” from the Encompass pipeline view to the “Tracking” tab in the field “Loan Number”.

    Default Fields Sent to Encompass to Create Loan File (Using API with Basic Fields)

    Milestone Tracking

    “Encompass Milestones” map to Shape’s “Encompass Status” so we can call triggers on Encompass milestone updates. If it’s a new milestone that is not already within Shape, the new milestone automatically adds to the “Encompass Status” list within Shape. Below are the default Encompass milestones that are pre-configured with triggers within Shape:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Shape can only sync to Encompass one time to create the loan file. Once the synced file has been created, Encompass becomes the parent file and any future updates can only come from Encompass into Shape. This includes loan status (milestones). If you try to push more information to Encompass from Shape via the “Sync to LOS” button on a loan that has already been synced, you will get an error message letting you know that the loan file has already been created.

    Because every Encompass system can be highly customized, this answer will likely need to be answered by your Encompass administrator. However, integrations with Encompass are recommended to sync to “My Pipeline” when the “Sync to LOS” or an automated push is initiated from Shape to Encompass.


    If you currently have the loan file open in Encompass, that file is considered “locked” and will not adjust until after you’ve saved and closed out of that file. If you are not noticing updates within Shape after 15 minutes, please make sure that the loan file is synced with Encompass.

    In newer systems, records in Shape are automatically synced via an automated trigger based on the “Application Completed” Shape status. Some systems may not have this automated trigger configured and requires a manual button press to send the details to Encompass. If you’d like an automated push to Encompass, please contact for assistance or set up a trigger to “Push to LOS” on the status or action of your choosing.

    If you have customized your Encompass milestones or Shape statuses, you will need to make adjustments to your triggers. You can edit and create automation linked to new Encompass milestones or Shape statuses via triggers that can be found in the “Manage Triggers” settings page.

    Yes, if you use the “Recreate Loan” option within the lead details page via the “LOS” dropdown, you can create a brand new loan file in Encompass that is synced to the single record in Shape. Recreating a loan file will create a brand new loan file in your LOS system and ignore the existing loan file connection. This action will only sync this Shape record with the new loan from your LOS. You must confirm the action in order to proceed. Please note that if you make updates to the older loan file in Encompass, it will no longer update the Shape record, only the new loan file will update the record within Shape after recreating a new loan.

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