How to Use your Integrated eSignature Solutions

Have documents you need to send for eSignature? Upload and map your eSignature documents here for your users to send via email or text in their workflow.

Note: If you are finding that tokens are not aligning properly on your documents, please make certain that your PDF is a 300 DPI document and the margins are at least 1.25 inches

Start by navigating to “Settings” in the top gradient bar. Next click the dropdown labeled “Templates & Resources” to find the “eSignature Solutions” settings page.

eSignature Solutions:

Click and drag your file into the uploads area to upload to Shape.

Once uploaded, use the “Choose” dropdown to map the file with tags for record data.

Once uploaded, in the actions column, choose “map” to drag and drop tags into the areas of your your eSignature Document for Shape to auto-fill it with customer information.

After uploading and mapping your PDF contract, make sure that the eSignature tab is enabled for your users to be able to send the contract to customers via email or SMS. Navigate to Settings > Manage Departments and open all departments that need to access the eSignature. If the ”eSignature, eSign, or Contract” tab is not already enabled. Use the restore icon (circle arrow icon) to enable the tab. Then, drag and drop the tab to the order that makes the most sense in your users’ workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is due to there being more signers on the document (borrower, co-borrower, etc) than there are within the record you are sending to. Please reach out to your system administrator for more details on this document.

This is most commonly due to the margins on the uploaded file being too large and not allowing the eSign tokens to fit properly. You will need to adjust the margins on the document to reduce the size.

Absolutely! Add the bottom of the documents section of the portal tab, you will find the “Upload Custom Doc” button. Simply upload your document you wish to send and map for eSign before sending out to the customer!

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