Resetting your Password

If you forget your password, it’s easy to change from the login screen. Just hit the “Forgot Password” link and follow the steps to resetting your password.


The forgot password link will take you to another screen that will ask for your username/email address. Type in your username/password and press “Recover Password.”

Note: If you do not see the recovery email in your inbox within a few seconds/minutes, make sure to check your spam filter. Press the “Reset My Password” button which will take you to a new screen to reset your password.


Type in your new password twice, be sure to follow the password rules, the checkboxes will turn blue once the rule has been fulfilled.

Administrator Access for Resetting User Passwords

Your system administrator can reset your password via the “Manage Users” settings page. If a user is having difficulties logging in, a system “admin” role can easily open up that user’s profile and reset their password on their behalf.


Use the “Open” option under the actions column. This will open up the user’s profile. Scroll down to the password block section. Note – system administrators do not need to know the current password, but new passwords do need to follow the password rules. Once the password is reset, the user can then login with their email address and new reset password at

Frequently Asked Questions

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