Work efficiently with your Gmail or GSuite email and calendar and Shape Software CRM—together in one place. The Gmail or GSuite integration lets you send emails and share calendar events within your Shape Software system.

Integration Capabilities

  • Send emails through Gmail or GSuite (excludes drip campaigns and triggered emails).

  • Synchronize calendar events between Shape & Gmail or GSuite.

How to Connect Gmail or GSuite + Shape

To connect your Gmail or GSuite email & calendar, go into their user profile settings by clicking on their name in the upper right hand corner of the navigation bar and choosing “Profile” and choose the “Email Settings” tab.

Click “Connect” and choose the account you’d like to connect.

Choose the Gmail or GSuite that you’d like to connect

Once connected, choose the way in which you’d like to sync your calendar.

Once connected and your sync preferences have been selected, go to your Calendar by choosing “Calendar” in the gradient navigation bar. To establish the connection, click the “Manual Sync With Calendar” to initiate the connection.

Establishing the connection will sync your future events according to your preferences chosen in your profile.

After connecting your Gmail/GSuite account, your manually sent emails will be sent through your connected email account. (Drip Campaign and Triggered Emails are not sent via your email server)

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