Facebook makes signing up for information easy for people and more valuable for businesses. The Facebook app is useful for marketers who want to automate actions on their leads in Shape.

What You’ll Need:

Setting Up Facebook Triggers

Login to Zapier and create a new Zap. The “Action” will be a Facebook trigger depending on your needs/preferences. We will use “Facebook Lead Ads” as the example as this is the most common Facebook app connected with Shape Software.

Note: After pressing “Continue,” Zapier will prompt you to log in to your Facebook account and choose the account in which you are looking to connect (you’ll likely have personal and/or business pages to choose from depending on your Facebook).

Setting Up the Shape Action

Note: After pressing “Continue” the Customize Request section will appear that will as for a URL. You will be able to find/create this in the “Marketing Sources” settings page: https://secure.setshape.com/marketing-sources within your Shape Software System.

Create a Posting URL in Shape

The post method requires a posting URL (outlined in screenshot above) you can find and create these posting URLs in the “Marketing Sources” settings page within your CRM. Keep “Form” as the payload type.

Get here by clicking on “Settings” in the gradient navigation bar and navigating to “Marketing Sources” on the left hand sidebar, or clicking the link below.

If creating a new source, only the top 4 fields are required (outlined in red on the screenshot). The “Source” name is the campaign name. The posting URL will appear at the bottom of the page after pressing “Save & Continue.”


Marketing Sources:https://secure.setshape.com/marketing-sources

In the “Data” section, add Shape field mappings on the left hand side, these can be found in “Marketing Sources” in the same area where you can find the posting URL. It’s important to use the field name exactly as it appears. On the right, select Facebook data that will populate the Shape field.


It is recommended to click on the Facebook options first and then match the information to the corresponding Shape field on the left.

Press the “+” button to add more field mappings. When finished, send a test into Shape to ensure that the Facebook leads are adding to your Shape system. Finally, turn the Zap ON.

Note: You will find Shape’s field mappings in the “Marketing Sources” settings page. Although the posting URLs are unique to each source, the field mappings are the same for every source. For example, First Name is always firstname no matter what source you are mapping. use the search bar to search for the friendly name, but always use the field name for data mapping.

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