Shape CRM integrates directly with leadPops to provide lenders with a seamless workflow that helps double your leads while boosting closing rates. With leadPops you can create engaging and high-converting lead forms that will flow prospect information directly into Shape to help you start working deals—and building great client relationships— instantly. Never miss out on another new lead opportunity again!

Integration Capabilities

What You’ll Need:

Setting Up LeadPops

Because LeadPops has a built in integration, you just need to send the posting URL found or created in the “Marketing Sources” settings page within Shape to LeadPops support or your LeadPops representative.

To create and find posting URLs, navigate to “Settings” and “Marketing Sources” on the left hand side. If the source is already created, you can copy the post URL in the table. If you need to create a new source, press “Add Source” at the top of the page.


The “Source” name is the campaign name. The posting URL will appear at the bottom of the page after pressing “Save & Continue.”


LeadPops quickly connects your leads to Shape Software.


Note: Most mortgage CRM systems already have have LeadPops created as a marketing source, so you’ll just need to copy the posting URL. If your system does not already have a LeadPops source, you can add a source by clicking “Add Source” in the upper right hand corner.

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