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Shape CRM integrates directly with to turn your new leads into sales ready opportunities through immediate AI-Driven and Human-Powered conversations. With you follow up with leads immediately which helps convert more leads into sales. Immediate follow-up leads to higher conversion rates. Slow follow up is one of the most costly problems within sales and marketing. Verse follows up with leads within 5 minutes to substantially increase conversions and closed deals.

Integration Capabilities

What You'll Need:

If you are Receiving Leads from Verse

Not everyone will be receiving leads from, you may be getting leads from other sources, like leadPops. If that is the case, then this step is not required.

However, if your representative has requested the “Verse Qualified” and “Verse Unqualified” posting URLs from Shape, then you can create these via the “Marketing Sources” settings page within Shape. You will then copy/paste the automatically generated posting URL to support or your representative.

Create 2 Marketing Sources for Verse Qualified and Verse Unqualified

Get here by clicking on “Settings” in the gradient navigation bar and navigating to “Sales & Marketing Automation” on the left hand sidebar, or clicking the link below.

Marketing Sources:

If you need to create a new source, press “Add Source” in the at the top of the page.

You will need to ensure there are two separate Marketing Sources created for Verse. One with the campaign name “Verse Qualified” and one with the campaign name “Verse Unqualified”.

If creating a new source, only the top 4 fields are required. The “Source” name is the campaign name. The posting URL will appear at the bottom of the page after pressing “Save & Continue.”

Creating Verse Qualified & Unqualified Statuses

As works and qualifies your leads, they will update the record in Shape through their API call. They will need the statuses “Verse Qualified” and “Verse Unqualified.” It is important to ensure that the capitalization is exact in order to ensure the status updates work properly.

Note: Go to your Settings > Manage Statuses under the “Status” group you will need to add a status for Verse Qualified and Verse Unqualified. Click "Add Status" to create these two statuses.

Adding New Verse Statuses to Prioritization Rules

In order for the new Verse Unqualified and Verse Qualified records to show in the dropdowns that appear off of “Leads,” you’ll need to add a rule to the “Call Queue” prioritization Rule, and it’s recommended to also add a “Verse Qualified” rule as well.

Add the status of Verse Qualified to the Prioritization Rules under leads in the Call Queue, as well as a rule all on it’s own.

Setting Up An Outbound Webhook

You’ll need to set up the post out to Verse when new leads enter into Shape. Go to Settings > Manage Webhooks and you can create a new webhook or edit the “New Lead Outbound Post” sample. Paste in the catch hook URL that is provided to you by verse and be sure the fields selected include: ID, First Name, Last Name, Email, Source Mobile Phone, Purpose, Loan Officer First Name, Loan Officer Last Name, Loan Officer Phone, and Loan Officer Email.

Note: Input the catch hook given to you by the Verse rep into the Outbound Webhook settings page under the webhook for “New Lead Outbound Post” under the PUT API CALL HERE section.

Automating the Webhook With a Trigger

Next, you’ll need to initiate the information you just set up in the webhook to post to Verse. This is often set up off of the “New” status. This means that as soon as the lead enters the system, we send Verse the new lead information as well. Go to Settings > Manage Triggers and either create a new trigger set, or open up “External: Webhooks” and turn the status of the folder ON. Next, you’ll edit the outbound webhook that has the “New” status.

Note: The triggers will be set up with the Trigger Type as “Status”, the trigger will be the “New” status. The Action Type will be “Webhooks” and you will select the action to be the webhook you just created in the Outbound Webhooks settings page. The you will choose the Action Schedule of “Immediately” so that this lead is immediately sent out of Shape into Verse.

Generating and Supplying the API Key to Verse

The last step you’ll need to do is to go to Settings > Integrations and generate an API Key that you will provide to your Verse rep. If you have not yet generated an API key, you will press “Get API Key” and the system will create one for you. You will then view and copy the generated API Key and provide that code to your Verse Rep along with the post URLs for both Verse Qualified and Verse Unqualified (if applicable).

Note: Access to Shape's Open API to generate your Authorization Key is a $500 one time charge and $500/per month to maintain the integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is most commonly due to Verse posting updates via the posting URL and not updating the records via the API. Please reach out to and include your Verse Representative so we can coordinate with them directly!

Absolutely! Please reach out to and include your representative for us to coordinate with!

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