Connect with active buyers on Zillow and Trulia as soon as they begin their home search into your Shape Software system. Immediately follow up through Shape with drip campaigns for speed to contact and nurture throughout the sales process.

What You’ll Need:

Setting Up the Zillow Trigger

Note: After pressing “Continue,” Zapier will generate a Custom Webhook URL. Copy this URL and send this to your Zillow Rep. Ask your Zillow rep to send a test lead to that Custom Webhook URL and ask them to confirm with you once they’ve sent over a test lead.

*Please note, each custom URL is unique – the URL in this example will not work for you.

Setting Up the Shape Action

Setting up the Posting URL in Shape

The post method requires a posting URL (outlined in screenshot above) you can find and create these posting URLs in the “Marketing Sources” settings page within your CRM. Keep “Form” as the payload type.

To create and find posting URLs, navigate to “Settings” and “Marketing Sources” on the left hand side. If the source is already created, you can copy the post URL in the table. If you need to create a new source, press “Add Source” in the upper right hand corner.

Marketing Sources:

If you need to create a new source, press “Add Source” in the upper right hand corner.

If creating a new source, only the top 4 fields are required (outlined in red on the screenshot). The “Source” name is the campaign name. The posting URL will appear at the bottom of the page after pressing “Save & Continue.”

In the “Data” section, add Shape field mappings on the left hand side, these can be found in “Marketing Sources” in the same area where you can find the posting URL. It’s important to use the field name exactly as it appears. On the right, select Zillow data that will populate the Shape field.

It is recommended to click on the Zillow options first and then match the information to the corresponding Shape field on the left.

Note: Although Zillow lead forms differ from service to service, a general field guide mapping is below that will be a great guide for our general mortgage template. The two fields outlined in red are not fields within Shape. Instead, they were mapped using the same fields as Zillow and will populate in the notes sidebar of the record instead of a field. This ensures proper record keeping and can be done for any field desired if there is no field mapping in Shape, but you still want the information to come into your system.

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