Importing to Data Center

You can easily import external data into Shape’s Data Center. Data Center Import supports data in the comma delimited text format (.csv). Follow these steps before you start importing any data.

Clean up the import file for accuracy and consistency. Although Shape has duplicate management rules, it is important to review your file’s data prior to import. This involves updating the data to remove duplicates, delete unnecessary information, correct spelling and other errors, and enforce naming conventions.​

It is mandatory to include the Reference ID in your CSV files. This is how you will identify your records.​

Ensure you include a field for who you want these records assigned to when they are imported by using the User ID for the appropriate user. User ID’s are found on the Manage Users settings page. If you do not include a column with the User ID information then these records will come and round robin according to your distribution rules.​

Compare your data fields with the Shape fields you can import into, and verify that your data will be mapped into the appropriate Shape fields. You might need to fine-tune the mapping before starting the import.​

Import your File

Get here by clicking on “Settings” in the gradient navigation bar and navigating to “Account Management” on the left hand sidebar, or clicking the link below.

Import to Data Center:

You will automatically be taken to the next step where you will map the data from your file.

After uploading your CSV file, below the upload area, a preview of your CSV file will populate. Your column name will show on the far left column, you will also have a data preview of the first data row in your CSV file. The last column is a dropdown field to compare your data fields with the Shape fields you can import into. This column will be where you choose where to map the information to in Shape. This column shows Shape’s friendly names within the system. Match up your CSV data with Shape fields and press “Confirm” to begin the import. You can start typing the name of the field in the box so you don’t have to scroll to find the field. You can ignore fields you do not wish to import.

When finished mapping your data to Shape fields, click on the “Confirm” button at the bottom. Depending on the size of your file, your import can take some time. When completed, you’ll get a popup notification letting you know the import has been completed.

Note: After the import is completed you will click the “+” with the magnifying glass around it in the top right-hand corner to search for the files that have been imported.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to have the Data Center add-on in order to utilize the Shape Data Center.

Please reach out to your Sales representative to inquire further!

The Data Center is only needed when approaching 100,000 record in Shape where you will notice your system will start to slow down signifigantly. Purchase the Data Center add on to utilize a separate server for you records.

Shape Software does not delete records from your system or data center unless the request is submitted to our team in writing and this is to protect your privacy and data security.

When the Data center max is close to being reached, our team will be notified and will reach out to you regarding upgrading your storage plan!

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