Uploading an Voicemail Greeting for your Inbound Calls

Inbound voicemail recordings are the voicemail greetings that customers will hear when you miss a call from an inbound call. Clients will have the opportunity to leave you a message. Reassuring the caller that they contacted the correct number or reached the person they intended helps reduce the number of hang-ups and wasted messages you’ll receive.

Start by clicking “Settings” in the top gradient navigation bar and click the “Phone Settings” dropdown on the left where you will find the “Inbound Voicemail Recordings” settings page.

Simply click and drag your audio file into the “Uploads” section or choose a file from your device to upload.

Click the “Choose” option in the Action column to edit, playback, and delete your voicemail recordings.

Note: Recordings must be MP3 format with bitrates of 320kbps or lower. Higher bitrates will not play back properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous safe, free, and reliable audio converting software to convert your audio files to an mp3 online for you to utilize!

You will navigate too the inbound call routing settings page and find your inbound route.

Once here you can use the dropdown to select your voicemail greeting!

User roles in your system will only be able to utilize the voicemail greetings they have uploaded. However, you can always set their greeting on their behalf from within their inbound call route if they have a personal greeting they wish to use.

For outbound voicemail recordings, you will want to utilize the outbound voicemail drop settings page.

Outbound Voicemail Drop:https://secure.setshape.com/outbound-voicemail-drop

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