Automatic Lending Tree Lead Posting in Shape Software

With the Lending Tree–Shape integration, mortgage users who are using Shape to automate their processes and to manage their lead & customer database, can seamlessly get Lending Tree leads directly into Shape. Once you have communicated your desire to send leads to Shape and received confirmation and information from Lending Tree, here’s how to connect Lending Tree in Shape.

Integration Capabilities:

Lending Tree Information: Once you have communicated your desire to send leads to Shape and received confirmation, Lending Tree will provide you with your campaign names. You’ll need to add each of your Lending Tree campaigns into Shape via the Marketing Source settings page. Once added, you’ll need to add the Shape Campaign Source ID to the “Integrations” settings page and you’ll need to provide Lending Tree with posting URLs after going through the steps below.

How to Integrate LendingTree with Shape Software

Get here by clicking on “Settings” in the gradient navigation bar and navigating to “Integrations” on the left hand sidebar, or clicking the link below.

Marketing Sources:

Enter in the required Channel Type, Lead Source, and Campaign Name fields. The Channel Type, depending on your marketing team preferences should be “Integrations” or “Pay Per Lead.” The Lead Source should be “Lending Tree” the campaign name should be name of your Lending Tree Campaign and the “Post to Record Type” should be “Leads.” Description and the remaining fields are optional. Next press “Save & Continue.”

Select “Copy @XXXXXXXXXX to clipboard” where @XXXXXXXXXX is the SourceID for each the Lending Tree marketing campaign you just set up. You’ll need to add these ID numbers to the integrations settings page for Lending Tree and provide your rep at Lending Tree your posting URLs ending in this source ID.

Start by navigating to “Settings” in the top gradient bar. Next click the dropdown labeled “Integrations” to find the “Integrations” settings page.


Enter your Trusted Partner IDs (These are those source IDs from the marketing sources settings page starting with @XXXXXXXXXX) and save. Add all of the Lending Tree campaign source IDs from the marketing sources settings page if you have multiple.

After completing steps 1-7 above, provide Lending Tree with the posting URLs for your various campaigns. Please note that each campaign will have a specific posting URL that is dependent on the campaign Source ID in Shape. Provide Lending Tree with the following posting URL, but replacing the @XXXXXXXXXX with the Source IDs from the marketing sources settings page table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes absolutely! Please reach out to your rep at Lending Tree and have them send an email with the Campaigns that you are looking to connect and our team will handle the heavy lifting. 

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