Local Presence & Text Messaging Rules

Local presence enables callers to automatically dial records using local area codes. Local presence dialers can lift call connection rates by up to 400%, because prospects tend to be far more likely to answer unknown calls from local numbers, rather than toll-free or long distance phone numbers.


By default, Local Presence settings are turned off and Shape will use users’ caller ID numbers selected in their profile settings page. However, if you have local presence turned on, the system will automatically match the closest number to your record’s phone or go off of your local presence settings defined.

Note: Local Presence in Shape will run off of the “State” field within a contact or the area code of the number dialed. So if you have a purchased 949 area code number for local presence and call a contact with a 949 area code, Shape will use the 949 area code number to make that call.

If you call a 212 number but do not have a 212 number purchased for Local Presence, Shape will look at the State field within the contact to determine what number to use. If the State is New York, Shape will use a purchased New York area code in your system to make the call. If the State is California, Shape will use a purchased California area code to make the call. 

Configuring Local Presence

Start by clicking “Settings” in the top navigation bar and selecting the “Phone Settings” dropdown to find the “Local Presence” settings page.

Local Presence:


Select from the dropdown the default Calling local presence number for each state. The numbers in the dropdowns will pull from both purchased Shape phone numbers as well as verified phone numbers from the “Manage Call Settings” page.

Use the dropdowns to select the numbers for both calling and SMS messaging.

Users have the option to turn Local Presence On and Off throughout the day. For example, if they’re calling a list of clients that know their direct line, they may want to keep your local presence off to show your caller ID number. If local presence is turned OFF, then the Caller ID selected in the user profile settings will always show when calling out to records. After, you may want to call a series of new records with your local presence turned on to increase the chances of your leads answering from a local number.

Note: If your users have Local Presence turned ON and dial to a record with an area code that you do not have a match for, or, the contact has a State field that you have not purchased an area code for, then Shape will use the fallback number for your account on the Manage Phone settings page.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is due to having local presence toggled on but no area codes purchased for the local presence dialing feature. If there is no numbers purchased for the State assigned to the record you are dialing, then Shape will use the fallback number for your system.

Absolutely! Local presence is generally used for dialing new leads but you can turn off local presence for records that you already have a relationship with so they will see your direct number.

There is no additional charge for Local Presence dialing and you will only be charged for the cost of the phone numbers and the standard rate for calling and texting in Shape!

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