User Guidelines in Shape Software

Manage guidelines helps counsel users through their processes to ensure that they are following proper procedures and protocol. Write out guidelines to help with user training and compliance. Don’t see this in your workflow? Go to the “Manage Departments” settings page and enable it into the workflows of the departments you want.

Creating a New Guideline

Start by navigating to “Settings” in the top gradient bar. Next click the dropdown labeled “Templates & Resources” to find the “User Guidelines” settings page.

User Guidelines:

Title the outcome something that your users will understand. In the “Guidelines” tab within their record details view, they will be able to choose from guidelines based on this title.

Use our WYSIWYG HTML editor to change fonts, insert images, etc.

If you need to pull variable data into your guidelines from the record’s information, use the “See Data Merge Tokens” button on the page and copy/paste these into your guidelines.

Workflow for Using Guidelines

If you do not see “Guidelines” in your record tabs, you can enable this via the “Manage Departments” settings page. The Guidelines tab is for assisting your users in how to do something that might not be common for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently in Shape, guidelines created in your system will be available to all users in your system.

Absolutely! This is done from the Role Permissions settings page and you can limit what roles (user, manager, admin) have access to this settings page. Simply uncheck any role that you do not want to have access.

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