Manage Your Holidays In Shape

Holidays can be set up in the system along with triggers to send out communication information to your clients. We have the typical holidays already set up for you, but sometimes other holidays are observed that aren’t already in the system and you may want to add them. This done from the “Manage Holidays” settings page.

Adding Holidays to your System

Start by navigating to “Settings” in the top navigation bar. Next click the dropdown labeled “System Preferences” to find the “Manage Holidays” settings page.

Manage Holidays:

You can also edit the existing holidays in your system or delete them entirely using the “Choose” dropdown on the righthand side.

You will select whether the holiday is on a specific date or if it falls on a certain day. For a certain day you can choose between every, first, second, third, or last and then choose the day of the week and what month it occurs in.

Setting up Automation Based Around Holidays

You can also set up triggers for the new Holiday that send out communication to your clients. Navigate to Settings>Automated Actions (Trigger). Here, you can create a new trigger and set the appropriate information for this trigger.

Your trigger type would be “Holidays”, you’ll then select the holiday you just created in the Manage Holidays settings page as the trigger. Your “Action Type” would be to “Send Email”, and then you’ll select the template you’ve created for this holiday in the Email Templates settings page. You can then select the delay. We usually set these to go out at 9am on the day of the holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday emails that are set up in Shape are set to go out at 09:00am in your company timezone to avoid having communications send at an inopportune time for your borrowers.

Please reach out to and our dedicated support team will be happy to look into this for you!

This is due to the template used being set to send to the lead email. If you would like to send this to the co-borrower as well, simply duplicate the email template and set it to send to the co-borrower email in the “To” field.

Absolutely! If you do not want the holiday emails to send out to your borrowers automatically, simply turn OFF the trigger set that is set to send these communications from the Manage Triggers settings page.

Mange Automated Actions:

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