Configuring Notification Templates in Shape

Notification Templates are the popups that come up on your screen when you're logged into the system and receive a notification. These notifications can be for calendar event reminders, missed calls, voicemail messages, new leads, new record assignments, QuickFire connect, etc. You can manage these notification templates by going to Settings > Manage Notification Templates.

Creating a New Notification Template

Start by navigating to “Settings” in the top gradient bar. Next click the dropdown labeled “Templates & Resources” to find the “Manage Notification Templates” settings page.

Manage Notification Template:

You can click the “Add Template” button at the top of the page to create a new notification template.

You can also use the “Choose” dropdown and select “Edit” to edit a pre-existing template.

Type in a unique title for this template as well as select the notification type (credit pull, QuickFire connect, task reminder, etc).

You will then create and write out the template. To pull that personal information onto the template, you can use the “See Data Merge Tokens” button in the top right. Click on the token you are wanting to use, and paste it into the body of the template.

Notification Template Types

Shape offers many notification template types for you to configure! We are detailing the notifications in Shape that are configurable below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! For example, if you create a new template for Voicemail Notifications, Shape will no longer send the standard notification and will send your created template automatically.

Yes! Simply create a new notification template with the type being “Portal Invitation” and customize the invite that is sent to your customers! The same goes for all of the template types listed above

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