Manage Process – Productivity Sidebar Internal Checklist in Shape Software

Manage Process – The Productivity Sidebar Checklist

Create and manage checklist items for your users to follow internally. This process checklist appears in the left hand sidebar of the record details page for your users to stay on track. This tool is a wonderful way to keep track of a process or processes in progress as well as a tool to bridge the gap between manual and fully automated processes.

How to use and manage your process checklists. In the top navigation, navigate to your settings pages. On the settings pages left-hand sidebar, click “Manage Process.” There, you should see your list of processes. If there are none in the list then click “Add Process” in the top right corner. Name your process checklist and assign what department and workflow this checklist will appear on. The description is not a required field. Create, edit, and reorder checklist items to keep your users on track during their process.

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