Setting the Required Fields to Create a Record

Required fields are the fields your user is required to have filled out in a record in order to save the contact to your system. These field requirements can be edited within the Shape Software at any point in time and if any of the required fields are not filled in, then the record will not be created.

Start by navigating to “Settings” in the top gradient bar. Next click the dropdown labeled “System Preferences” to find the “Required Fields” settings page.

Required Fields:

Here you will see the available fields that you can require for lead entry. Simply add a checkmark to any field that you want to require for lead entry.

Note: The default required fields are first name, last name, mobile phone, email. The reason for this is typically, most companies like to initiate a drip campaign off of the “New” status, which sends out a text and email quickly after the lead is saved and the templates require the first name, email address, and mobile phone number to function properly. However, you can change these required fields by unchecking the options you don’t want and checking the ones you do want.

How do Required Fields Effect Record Creation?

In your lead details page, you will recognize the required fields based on the red underline in those fields. If this information is not filled in, the system will not allow the user to save the record. Once those are filled in, you’ll see a successfully created prospect in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Once the underlined fields are filled out you the system will AJAX save your record as soon as you click out of the last red underlined field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shape offers AJAX saving that will automatically save every time you fill in a field within a record indicated by the green underline after clicking off of the field y0u just filled in.

However, if you do not fill in the required fields needed to create the record in Shape, then those fields will not have saved.

Yes! Turning off all required fields will  make it so when a record is added, there is no required data to be filled in to create the record.

Currently in Shape, the required fields will apply across your system to all users and cannot be configured to specific users at this time.

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