Manage Statuses with Shape Software

Manage Statuses

What are Statuses? Statuses are typically used to communicate and record the stage of a contact in your Shape Software system to both the reporting managers and admins and the sales rep who is working the lead. Knowing these elements is central to cohesion amongst your staff. Statuses also trigger drip campaigns and are involved in organizing and categorizing your contacts in your system.

How to use and manage Statuses. In the top navigation, navigate to your settings pages. On the settings pages left-hand sidebar, click “Manage Statuses.” There, you should see your list of statuses. Create and manage main statuses to track where your contacts are in the sales process. Sub-statuses record where your contacts are in other processes other than the sales process. Name your status list and determine which departments this status list will apply to. Assigning a list to a department is optional, if none selected, this list will apply to all departments. Create and reorder your statuses as needed and assign colors to your statuses for a visual aid in knowing where your contacts are sitting in the sales process.

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