Using Tags for Contact Organization.

Tags can be used for more precise organization of your records and targeted marketing in drip campaigns. Every record has a “Tags” field that supports multiple tags. These tags can be automatically attached upon record entry through triggers or manually added within the record.

Start by clicking “Settings” in the top gradient navigation bar. Then click the “Custom Configuration” dropdown on the left-hand side to find the “Manage Tags” settings page.

Click the “Add Tag” button at the top of the screen to create a new tag or click the “Choose” dropdown to edit or delete existing tags.

To create the new tag, simply give it a name and click “Save”!

If you would like to import your records with tags, create a “Tags” column if you don’t already have one in your CSV file. If you’d like to import a record with multiple tags, show all tags separated by a comma. The comma will be read as the separation of tags and will import multiple tags if comma separated. If there are new tags that are not already in your system, they will automatically be added to the “Manage Tags” settings page during the import process.

From your list page, you can tag records in bulk as well as filter by tags. To bulk-tag records, you can use the left hand checkmark boxes. Once records are selected, you will notice that the top bar changes, you will find the “Tag Records” options in the “More” dropdown. You can select from the available tags.

Using Tags in your Marketing Campaigns

Want to only send to a segmented group within the enrolled record type within the initiation status selected? Target specific records via tags. Create tags using the “Manage Tags” settings page and tag your records via the “Tags” field within the record’s profile.

Define your target audience via enrolled records and enrollment criteria. Then, create the sequence of communications or actions that will be sent out once the initiation status (and tags if applicable) are met.

*Please note that records that are tagged after the initiation status is met will not meet enrollment criteria and the drip campaign will not run if the record is not tagged prior to the initiation status being met.

Frequently Asked Questions

When including tags in your drip campaign, if that record does not have the tags included at the time the campaign is set to ON, then they will not be enrolled.

Also if the record does not have the tags added to their  record in the “Tags” field then they will not be enrolled as well.

This can be done via triggers. Simply create a trigger in your system so when a lead posts into Shape from your lead provider, then Shape will add the tag.

Absolutely! Utilize the filters on your list view to filter by the “tag” field and that will pull all records with that tag onto your view.

Yes! If you have 2 records in the “New Status” but you want to target them based on the purpose of the loan, this can be done through tags. Create 2 campaigns, one for New Records with the tag “Purchase” and one with the tag “Refinance”.

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