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Manually Assigning Users in Shape Software

Assigning Records Manually

There are multiple ways to assign users to records in Shape Software. In Shape, multiple users can be assigned to records as long as the users are within different departments.

Here’s a few ways to assign records within Shape:

This guide will cover the first 2 methods of assigning records. By default, only admins and managers can manually assign and re-assign records. Users can claim un-assigned records in the lead pool and steal record assignments via the shark tank. To allow users to manually assign and re-assign records in the system. Visit the “Assignment Permissions” settings page.

Manual One-by-One User Assignment

As a multi-object database, Shape supports the assignment of multiple users to the same record. Therefore, there can be as many assigned users as there are departments.

However, only one user per department can be assigned at the same time. For example, there cannot be 2 loan officers assigned to 1 record, but there could be 1 loan officer, 1 processor, and 1 real estate user assigned to the same record.

Note: To manually assign & re-assign records to users, you can open up a record and click on the “Assigned Users” dropdown. If you have multiple departments, there will be dropdowns for each of the departments within your system. When you press “Select” for each department, a list of users in that department will appear to assign the record to.

Bulk Manual Assignment

To select multiple records at a time to assign or re-assign, simply check the records that you’d like to make changes to or select all in that view by clicking the bulk actions dropdown to select leads.

Once you press “Assign,” a popup will appear with the departments.

Need to manually re-assign multiple records to multiple reps in a round robin fashion? Using the bulk select option on your list pages or “Batch Actions” in custom reporting, select the users in which you’d like to round robin re-assign records to. Previously, this supported assigning records in bulk to a single user, now Shape supports multi-user re-assignment.

Afterwards, press the “Assign” button. This may take some time to process.

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