Keeping Notes on Records in Shape

Although there are a few places to add notes in your CRM, depending on your template and tabs enabled, the primary area to add and view notes about a record in the system is on the left-hand productivity sidebar. Here, you can and, edit, and view record note history added by all users by note type and time!

Adding Notes in the Productivity Sidebar

At the top of the sidebar, you will find a field for you to input your notes. You will also find a dropdown in the top right corner to disposition your note (ex General, Important, Phone Call , etc.)

Once you are finished typing your note, simply click save to add the note to the record.

You will find the note populates below the typing field with the Date, time, and user that is leaving the note.

For any notes that you have saved, you can use the pencil icon to edit your notes as well as using the trash icon to delete.

You can use the filter dropdown on the notes sidebar to filter for a specific time frame, user or note type!

If preferred, you can leave a note from directly within your list view. Simply click the “Notes” icon to the left of the record and record your note with out leaving your list view!

Configuring Note Types

Shape comes out of the box with general note types for you to utilize however these do not always work perfectly for every situation. For that reason, Shape gives you the ability to create new note types for your system!

Start by navigating to “Settings” in the top gradient bar. Next click the dropdown labeled “System Preferences” to find the “Note Types” settings page.

You will find this button at the top of the page! You will be prompted to enter a title as well as a color.

This will change the order the note types appear in the dropdown when you are leaving a note on a record.

You can use the filter dropdown on the notes sidebar to filter for a specific time frame, user or note type!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Shape comes out of the box with a “Notes Report” that shows all of the notes being left in your system

Notes Report:

These are automated notes that are left by Shape technicians or automation. They are differentiated from the notes left by your users to avoid confusion.

Yes! If you are only able to see records that you are assigned, you can still leave a note on a record that called you by mistake to update their assigned user.

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