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Manage Quickfire Connect in Shape Software

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  • February 8, 2022
  • 4 min read
  • How to Setup QuickFire Connect in your System

    Shape’s QuickFire Connect alerts users via phone popup (with a cha-ching sound) to make a call. QuickFire Connect is used primarily in distribution rules, but can also be used to ensure records are followed up within a timely fashion and callback appointments are made on time and never forgotten.

    When users are alerted via QuickFire Connect, all users eligible to receive the notification will be alerted of the available record by an on-screen popup to accept and call the customer, or ignore.

    Start by clicking Settings in the top navigation bar and clicking the “Phone Settings” drop down to find the “Quickfire Connect” settings page.

    If you choose to add a new QuickFire Connect rule, it will ask you for rule specifications in the dropdown options. The receiver options are the individual(s) eligible to receive the QuickFire connect popup, and the push options include either round robin or first come first serve.

    The round robin option will alert one receiver at a time, for 10 seconds, in a round robin fashion until a user accepts and calls the lead. The first come first serve option will alert all receiver users at the same time, and the user that clicks the “Accept and Connect” button on the popup, will win the lead/callback.

    There are two options for how to alert your users of a new lead. It can be a popup on the screen with the lead’s information, or, via a phone call to the user when a new lead is added.

    Assigning your Quickfire Connect Rule to your Distribution Rules

    Customize your Quickfire Notification Popup

    If you’d like to display certain information on the QuickFire Connect popup, such as key pieces of information to sell the deal on a one call close, you can adjust the template by navigating to Settings > Manage Notification Templates

    Note: The popup will include all the information that you have specified in your template, as long as that information is being sent over by the provider or source.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is due to the information not being provided by the lead provider to pull into the popup notification template. You can update your template from the Manage Notification Templates settings page

    Manage Notification Templates:

    Absolutely! Your options for the quickfire connect recipients can be set to user, team, department, all available users, or assigned user.

    Absolutely! This is set by having a run schedule on your distribution rule. One rule for your Quickfire during business hours, and another rule for Round Robin after hours.

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