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  • February 8, 2022
  • 3 min read
  • With the RingCentral integration, users can seamlessly click to call through RingCentral directly from within Shape. This integration supports outbound click to call functionality through the RingCentral RingOut app. You do not need a Shape phone number or usage credits for the RingCentral integration, but you will need to create a RingOut app in your RingCentral account.

    Note: Please note, this integration does not support inbound call routing, texting, call recording, reporting, etc. If you are looking for a more integrated solution, consider using our built in telephony services.

    Integration Capabilities

    What you Need for the Integration

    Setting Up the Integration

    To get started with the connection you will need to navigate to Settings > Integrations. Once there, scroll down and find RingCentral. Click “Connect” and enter your API Secret and API Key and save this information.

    To get this, you’ll need to create a RingOut App within your RingCentral account and provide us with your Client ID and secret.

    Password Flow Rules

    Shape makes an OAuth 2.0 request using the OAuth 2.0 password grant (grant_type=password), also known as “Password flow” in the RingCentral Developer Portal and formally as the “Resource Owner Password Credentials” grant in the OAuth 2.0 IETF RFC 6749 standard.

    To use this grant type, they need to make sure the app is configured to have the Password flow grant in the RingCentral Developer Portal as shown below:

    Create App Wizard

    When creating an app, make sure to ensure “Password flow” is selected. Your options are based on on the “Application type” and “Platform type” for your app, which in turn are related to the security specifications of your app.

    App Settings Page

    To verify an existing app has “Password flow” enabled, go to the app’s “Settings” page’s “OAuth Settings” section and verify Password flow is present.

    Adding User Credentials

    Once the integration has been connected in the Integrations page, each user will need to enter in their username, password, and extension in their user profile. Users can click on their name in the upper right hand corner in the gradient navigation bar and click on “Profile.” The RingCentral username, password, and extension fields appear in the “Personal Info” tab.

    Note: Once RingCentral is connected in both the integrations page and the users’ profiles, users will notice a RingCentral icon next to phone numbers. Click on the “R” RingCentral icon to place outbound calls.

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