How do you Search for Records in Shape?

If you’re new to Shape, you may be wondering where to find certain customers. You can search for records either in a specific record type list, or you can search system-wide. To search on Shape, follow these steps:

To do a system-wide search you will find the search field in the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on the icon and type the name of the record you are looking for and click “Enter” on your keyboard to search your database.

To search in a specific record list you will first navigate to the record type (EX: Leads, Prospects, Borrowers, Accounts, Referral Partners, Associates, etc.)

Above the list of records you will see a white bar with a grey magnifying glass on the left-hand side. Click in that bar and start typing the name of the record you are looking for and then click “Enter” on your keyboard.

Note: When doing a master system-wide search, all records are searchable for all users, but the records can only be accessed or opened by the assigned user or by a user with higher role permissions such as a director or admin. While regular, unassigned users cannot open the record, they do have the ability to add notes to the record by clicking on the “Choose” under the “Action” column and “Add a Note.” This is helpful if someone calls in to the wrong number and a user needs to transfer the call with added notes.

Configuring Search Rules in your System

If you are searching for something specific (for example: reference ID), but the system is not yielding the search results you are trying to achieve, then adjust your search parameters via the Search Rules settings page.

Start by navigating to "Settings" in the top gradient navigation bar. Then click the "System Preferences" dropdown to find the "Search Rules" settings page. Once here, simply put a check next to the field names you would like to be able to search by!

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently there is no method to hide this search feature from the users in your system.

This may be due to the record being deleted by an admin or through a duplication merge. Please reach out to an admin in your system or contact our Support team at for assistance!

This is likely due to the record being converted to a prospect or a borrower. Simply search for the record using the search field in the top right!

You will notice that Shape will let you know the bucket they are currently under in the search results for your reference! 

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