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Security: IP Whitelisting for Specific User Roles

Shape Software
  • February 8, 2022
  • 3 min read
  • IP Whitelisting for User Roles

    Manage access to your system through given IPs. Define what admins, directors, managers and basic users are able to access your system from which location. IP whitelisting is when you grant Shape access only to specific IP addresses.

    Start by clicking on “Settings” in the top navigation bar then open the “Users & Permissions” dropdown to find the “IP Whitelisting” settings page.

    IP Whitelisting:

    If you’d like to restrict login access to specific IP locations for certain user roles, toggle “Enable IP validation for login” in the upper right hand corner.

    Use the check boxes to select which user roles you want the validation to apply to.

    For example, an admin may not want to be restricted by IP, but want their employees to have limited workplace access to Shape.

    Use the “Add New IP” the type in the IP addresses that you want to have access to your system.

    Enable IP validation for login for the selected user rules. Add IP addresses that have been whitelisted to use your instance of Shape. If IP validation is ON and enabled for user roles and is attempted to be accessed from a non-whitelisted IP address, the user login attempt will be denied.

    Shape automatically blocks traffic from IPs from areas of the world known for frequent hacking attempts. If you have a user that needs access to your CRM and their access is getting blocked, please reach out to as soon as possible with the user’s IP address.

    IP White listing is specifically for allowing IPs access to your system and does not restrict specific IPs from logging in.

    However, if IP Validation is enabled, then any IP not on the list will not be able to access Shape.

    Blocking emails or phones numbers is not a native feature to Shape at this time.

    This is due to your IP not being included on the list of approved IPs. Please contact support at for assistance on getting back into your account.

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