Sending Files From Shape to Google Drive

Shape Software
  • February 8, 2022
  • 3 min read
  • Shape’s webhooks for files with the Google Drive cloud storage platform allows originators and their teams to seamlessly connect their Google Drive account to Shape. Once integrated, uploaded borrower documents can be synchronized to a file folder within the connected Google Drive storage system.

    When a user presses the blue “send” icon within the portal tab, you can choose where to send the document via a webhook. You can also set up an automated webhook in Shape system settings that automatically will send the file to a folder of your choosing within Google Drive when a user reviews and approves the uploaded document by clicking the green “√” icon within the “Portal” tab.

    Integration Capabilities

    Here’s What You’ll Need:

    Step 1: Get Webhook URL in Zapier

    Step 2: Set Up Webhook in Shape

    Step 3: Send a Document as a Test File

    Step 4: Set Up Google Drive in Zapier

    All documents that were sent using the “Send” icon in the “Portal” tab — this is also applicable for eSignature documents, and files in the “Uploads” tab — will send to the file selected in the step above. Option to set up an automated trigger to send documents upon document approval below.

    (OPTIONAL) Step: Set Up Trigger in Shape

    Note: This step will automatically send documents upon user approval of borrower documents.

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