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Shape Software User Notification Settings

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  • February 8, 2022
  • 4 min read
  • Managing User Notification Settings in your User Profile

    Shape Software CRM includes a set of default notification preferences that each user can receive. This guide covers how to adjust the default notification settings by by changing preferences in the user profile page. These changes in each user profile are unique to each user, they are not used to control how notifications are sent to other users.

    Note: Want more notifications not included in your profile settings? Create email and SMS templates via the Templates settings pages, use the merge token for the “To” depending on the template type to send the notification to the user and set up a trigger in the “Manage Triggers” settings page.

    Get here by clicking on your picture in the top right and navigating to “Notification Settings” or click the link below.

    Notification Settings:

    Choose where Shape will send your notifications via the “Notification Destinations” section. If these aren’t filled out, then Shape will default to your email address and mobile phone in the “Personal Info” tab.

    Default Notifications in Shape

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is most commonly due to not being assigned to the record as only user that are assigned to the record will receive notifications.

    Yes! Users in the admin role with receive notifications for unassigned records to prevent leads from falling through the cracks.

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