What is a Shark Tank?

What happens to records that don’t result in a closed/won deal? Often times they’re moved to a nurture status. But if you’re looking to get more mileage out of your records, consider the shark tank tactic.

The Shark Tank is an effective way to revitalize aged or neglected records. The idea is to allow other users the opportunity to claim records that haven’t resulted in a deal. Other reps can pull from – or steal – those records that fall under your shark tank rules. This type of structure can be automated to ensure opportunities aren’t being left behind and have the chance to be re-worked.

Differences between the Record Pool & Shark Tank

The record pool is where unassigned records live whereas Shark Tank is where records go that have already been assigned, but neglected. You can create Shark Tank rules via the settings pages to define when records can appear in the Shark Tank to be stolen from the neglecting user.

Note: You may notice the "Go to Shark Tank 1.0 Settings" button in the top right of the page. Shark Tank 2.0 is essentially the same as Shark Tank, except we have added more in-depth filtering capabilities to really narrow down what records will end up in there.

Setting up Shark Tank 2.0

First click on “Settings” in the top navigation bar. Then click the “Custom Configuration” dropdown where you will find the “Shark Tank” settings page.

Shark Tank: https://secure.setshape.com/shark-tank2

Select “Create New Rule” at the top of the page to create a new Shark Tank 2.0 rule.

Name your list, choose an hourly cap (optional), the record type you want this list to appear under, and the users that will have access to the Shark Tank (users, teams, or departments).

You also have the option to enable State Eligibility to further filter available leads based on the user’s licensed States in their user profile.

You will then scroll down and find the “Add Rule” button. You’ll need to name the rule, select the “Status” as “On”, and decide what statuses you’d like to exclude or include in this rule. You can also include any specific Marketing Channel Type, Marketing Campaign Sources, or Tags that you’d like to have included in this rule as well. For instance, if you only want leads that come from a specific lead provider to be included in this rule then you will select them from the Marketing Campaign Source dropdown.

Last, you set up the filter criteria. You will slide the blue dot across the bar to however many days, minutes or hours you’d like to set for this rule. Then decide if this is within, not within, equals, greater than, or less than the amount you selected there. You can get very in-depth when using Shark Tank 2.0 rules.

Where to Locate the Shark Tank and Start Claiming Leads

You will need to be sure to create rules in either Shark Tank or Shark Tank 2.0 in order to have access to the Shark Tank. Once rules are created you will find Shark Tank in the drop down for the record type you selected when creating the rule (Leads, Applications, or Loans).

Here, users see the list of neglected records and can choose the one they feel they have the best chance of converting. Users can simply “Claim Record” to move it into their prospects to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a user can see the Shark Tank but not open the leads within, this is due to how the Shark Tank works. The leads in the Shark Tank are still assigned to the neglecting user and still cannot be opened by an unassigned user.

The user will need to claim the lead which will re-assign the record and make them visible.

This could be due to not creating any rules for your Shark Tank or not having any records that meet the criteria to be unassigned from their user.

While extremely similar, Shark Tank 1.0 is generally utilized by older systems in Shape where as the Shark Tank 2.0 adds more filtering options. That being said both can be used and please reach out to support@setshape.com for more information on the Shark Tank.

This varies from Company to Company but if you are finding leads being neglected and not followed up with in a timely manner, then you can utilize the Shark Tank to give that lead a new chance to generate revenue for your company.

Yes absolutely! You can enable the option to Enable State Eligibility for your Shark Tank. Each user’s state eligibility can be set in their profile and they will be unable to claim leads from a State that they are not licensed in!

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