Integration Capabilities

The Simple Nexus + Shape Software API integration will create new leads in Shape when a new borrower signs up to start a loan application in Simple Nexus.

The information that carries over from Simple Nexus to Shape is as follows:

How to Integrate your Simple Nexus Account

Get a comprehensive view of all the prospects in your sales funnel, track their progress through stages, and update numerous contacts at once in bulk.

If there isn’t an active API key created yet, press “New Token” in the upper right corner and make sure that it’s activated for all webhooks.

Once you have an active API key, copy the API token by pressing the “Copy” icon.

You will find API Integrations under the Apps & Integrations dropdown in settings.


Scroll to the “Simple Nexus” block and click “Connect” – paste in the copied Simple Nexus API key in the popup and press save.

After saving, you’re connected! 

To check to make sure Shape is subscribed, you should be able to go back to Simple Nexus – under “Communication” on the left, click on “Webhook Tool” - you should see a new webhook starting with “SHP” - Shape creates the webhook automatically for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Your loan applications will be added as leads in Shape assigned with “Simple Nexus” as the source upon integration.​


This integration will create new leads in Shape for new applications in Simple Nexus, however, this does not update existing records in Shape with new updates from Simple Nexus unless you have a duplicate management rule set up.

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