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Understanding Lists in Shape Software

Shape Software
  • February 8, 2022
  • 5 min read
  • This guide covers all the ins and the outs of the list pages in Shape Software CRM. Learn how to add columns, reorganize, filter, and more. All user roles have the ability to import and add records by default.

    Note: Only admin and manager roles have the ability to export.

    Types of List Views

    If you see multiple options off of your record type in a dropdown, the first option in the list is the “Normal” view. The normal view is a list that is organized by creation date – newest leads show at the top, oldest leads show at the bottom with no customization applied.

    Prioritization Rules are characterized by the blue horizontal lines that create order to your records, prioritizing the contacts that should be followed up with first. Learn more about prioritization rules here to create filtered and organized views for your users: https://setshape.com/support-guides/prioritization-rules

    The Shark Tank is an effective way to revitalize aged or neglected records. The idea is to allow other users the opportunity to claim records that haven’t resulted in a deal. Other reps can pull from – or steal – those records that fall under your shark tank rules. This type of structure can be automated to ensure opportunities aren’t being left behind and have the chance to be re-worked. These are characterized by the word “Shark Tank” in the list views and default to the bottom of the dropdown options.

    Note: Shape lists remember the last list view, filter, search, etc. that you were last performing. If you are having issues finding records, check filters and remove any filters that are applied to the list by clicking the blue “Clear Filters” button, and lastly, remove any searches in the list that may be present using the search icon right above the first table row. The Clear Filters button will clear all searches as well.

    Bulk Actions from a List View

    Want to manage your records on your list in bulk? Use the left hand checkmarks and the bulk actions dropdown to discover your bulk action options. Once selected, the top row will change. By using the bulk actions dropdown, select the records on the page or press “Select Entire List” to select the entire list of records.

    Note: Deleting records in Shape is reserved for the Admin user role ONLY

    Custom Lists and Reporting

    Customize each list view, re-organize your columns, filter your results, and view and save lists – all from the list page.

    Change your list view. This is customizable on a user-by-user basis. After selecting the columns you’d like to appear on your list, click “Apply Changes to List” and the columns will modify accordingly.

    Re-organize your columns by clicking on the “Re-Organize Columns” option on your list view. In the popup, use the left hand icon to drag and drop the order of your columns. When you are satisfied with the new order of the columns, click “Re-Organize Columns” and the columns will modify accordingly.

    Filter your lists by clicking the “Filter” button. Either “View Results” to see the filters applied to your current list view or choose to “Save Filtered List” if this is a filter that you use often. This Saved Filtered List will appear in your “Saved Lists” dropdown. Also, feel free to create your own custom filters based on fields available in your template.

    Listing Page Yellow Highlight (Un-Opened, Un-Statused, or Un-Called Records)

    The yellow highlighted records on the list page indicates records that have not yet been opened, statused, or called yet by the assigned user. This helps admins and users manage their records more effectively.

    The yellow highlight will be removed after the record has been opened, statused, or called by the assigned user to show in the normal white row color.

    Note: Yellow Highlight may reset if you re-assign records.

    Green Checkmark (Called Today)

    Using the phone in Shape to call down your list of leads? Keep track of which records you’ve called with the green check mark after the phone number. The green check mark indicates records that you’ve called that day, the green checks are removed the next day and start over.

    Identifying Shark Tank Leads in the List View

    Shark Tank records are not removed from the assigned user’s list views until that record has been re-claimed via the Shark Tank. An "Shark Fin" icon alerts the reps that this record is sitting in the Shark Tank and is eligible to be stolen. This allows assigned reps to save the record from Shark Tank by working their records that are sitting in the Shark Tank.

    Saved Lists on “Normal View” Pages

    If you are looking at a “Normal View” (ie: if you see several options in a dropdown off of your record types, the “Normal View” is the first option in the dropdown list.

    When you log in to Shape for the very first time, you will see the default “Recently Added” list views. Use the “Saved Lists” dropdown to discover more list reports and create your own using “Filters.”

    Note: The list view that you are currently viewing will show in the upper left hand corner. If you are seeing a name that you do not recognize, then change your view via the “Saved Lists” dropdown.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This is most commonly due to not clearing the filters on your list view. Use the “Clear Filters” button to clear any leftover filters.

    Yes! Simply click the title of the of the column to sort! 

    It is important to note that not all columns are sortable at this time.

    Yes! You will find the export dropdown at the top of the page to export your current view to a CSV file.

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