How to Utilize a Call Queue in Shape.

A call queue allows you to call down a list of records, back-to-back, in order. You can use a call queue with regular list pages, filtered list pages, or prioritized list views.

It is recommended to organize your columns to have your status column in your view to be able to easily status the record during, or shortly after your call.

Choose a list and click to call a customer using the green phone icon. This will initiate your first call. Use the dialer slideout to review call scripts, review note history, merge or transfer, etc.

When you are finished with the current call and you’re ready to go to the next call, click the “Next Call” button indicated by the blue arrow. Clicking the “Next” button will end the current call and move onto the next person down in your current list view.

After calling, there will be a green check mark after the dialed number, indicating that you’ve called this person (today). Additionally, you will see a blue highlight that will mark the current call and all previously placed calls to help you keep track of where you are at on your call queue.

If you’d like to stop dialing down your current call queue and re-start at the top of your list, press the “Reset Call Queue” button on the dialer slideout, otherwise, the call queue will pick up where you last left off on your list.

Note: The call queue will maintain until it is reset so make sure that the call queue has been reset if you are intending to dial from the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently in Shape, the next call feature is available with webhphone dialing only.

This is most commonly due to not resetting your call queue before starting your dialing session.

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