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Using Call Forwarding Phone Preferences in Shape Software

Note: Before adjusting your phone preferences, please be sure that you’ve successfully enabled your phone integration, purchased a phone number, verified caller ID numbers, and added usage credits. If you haven’t done this yet, please visit the “Manage Call Settings” setting page.

What is Call Forwarding in Shape?

Call Forwarding is a method for diverting calls to your personal or business number and never miss a business call again. The calls will still go through your Shape number and it is best to think of call forwarding as using your cell phone or desk phone as a external device to facilitate the call. When dialing with Call Forwarding, Shape will first call the number entered and when answered, the outbound call will connect!

You will find the preference dropdown at the top of the dialer slideout to set to webphone (dialing through your internet browser using a headset) or call forwarding (diverting the call to an outside line).

This can also be set in your user profile under phone settings.

User Profile Phone Settings:

Here is where you’ll enter in the phone number you’d like to receive calls on. There is no need for verification here, so please be sure that you type in the number accurately. Afterwards, click “Save”

After saving, your chosen number will appear in the dropdown to indicate that call forwarding is set.

Call Forwarding for Inbound Calls

The above steps are for forwarding your outbound calls to an outside line. However if you would like to receive your inbound calls to your cell phone as well, this can be set in your inbound call route! Please follow the steps outlined below.

Start by navigating to “Settings” in the top gradient bar. Next click the dropdown labeled “Phone Settings” to find the “Inbound Call Route” settings page.

Inbound Call Route:

You can create a new inbound route using the “Add Routing Rules” button at the top of the page.

If you want to edit an existing route, select “Choose” and “Edit”

Click “Add Call Flow Rule” to add a new step to the inbound route. You will set this rule to “Call Direct Number” and type in the number you wish to receive calls on! Once finished, click “Save” and then “Submit” when finished editing this route.

Note: If you have multiple call flow rules (such as calling your webphone and if there is no answer, call your cell phone to avoid missing the call) then you can click and drag your rules to ring sequentially. In the previous example, you will want the "Call User" rule at the top and the "Call Direct Number" rule below that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! In your inbound call route, you will find the dropdown to re-route your call to a different user’s route that has been set up in your system.

Yes! If you have call set to record automatically, then the calls will still be recorded when they are routed to an outside line.

Yes! You can set the inbound route to call all available users and the first to pick up, will get the lead. 

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