What’s the difference between Referral Partners and Associates?

Referral Partners are typically business contacts that send you leads. A referral partner can also be linked as a real estate agent, attorney, CPA, etc. via the “Realtors & Associates” tab within a record as well, so when in doubt, add the record as a “Referral Partner.” An “Associate” is someone that may be linked to a loan file for tracking and/or update purposes such as title, escrow, realtors, transaction coordinators, attorneys, etc.

How to Link Referral Partners to Records in "Lead Details"

Link Referral Partners via the “Lead Details” tab. This should be the first tab that you see when you open up a record. Find the “Referral Partner” field. The referral partner field has additional functionality in tracking the linked records within the referral partner’s file.

Type in first name, last name, or email address, press the “search” icon and select the desired referral partner. If you have an active POS subscription, an automated email will be sent to the referral partner to access their partner portal.

Note: Use referral partner for business partners, use referral source for tracking such as a past client referrals. The “Referral Source” does not invite the connected contact to the portal nor does it have functionality linked to triggers and drip campaigns for loan updates, unlike the “Referral Partner” field.

Linking Contacts in the "Realtor's and Associates"

Use the “Realtors & Associates” tab to connect saved Realtors and Associates in your system to a customer. The benefits of connecting referral partners, realtors, and associates is not only for tracking purposes, but also for communication purposes on important loan updates.

Note: Connect saved realtor and associate records to your prospects and borrowers on the “Realtors & Associates” tab. These fields pull from both referral partners and associates, so if a referral partner is coincidentally also a referral partner, then you can connect them here as well.

Use Automation to Keep Associates Up to Date

Navigate to Settings > Drip Campaigns to find the default drip campaigns set up. Important loan updates such as processing, underwriting, approval, clear to close, funded, closed, etc. are designed to update not only the borrower, but also the referral partner. The “To” recipients of these update emails and text messages (indicating that they are sending to referral partners, buying agents, selling agents, and buying and selling transaction coordinators in the CC line) are already pre-defined in the templates.

Note: After creating your templates with your connected realtors & associates, in the prospect or borrower, click the email address in the top left hand corner to bring up the email popup. Select the template and see the connected record’s email addresses appear in the places you added them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! When linked in the “Referral Partner” field of a record, the partner will automatically receive the link to sign up in the partner portal.

Yes! There is a checkbox in the portal tab within a record to allow Referral Partners to generate Pr Approval Letters. 

If this is left unchecked, then they will not have this option.

Worry not, you can reset their password from directly within Shape! Navigate to the portal tab within the referral partner’s record to find the field where you can reset their password for them!

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