What is Voice Dictation?

Voice Dictation, or voice-to-text, allows you to take down notes and write out SMS messages, compose emails, and leave notes by clicking a microphone icon and speaking into your microphone/web browser. 

This feature saves you tons of time as people can typically talk faster than they can type.

Take Notes with Voice Dictation

To use Voice Dictation while taking notes you will just click on the microphone icon next to the “Add Notes” button on your notes popup. Once you click on the microphone icon, the voice dictation will translate your words into text. When you are done, click the microphone icon again and the words will appear in the “Notes” field that you can edit prior to saving.

Send SMS Messages with Voice Dictation

Voice Dictation can be used to write out your SMS messages by clicking the microphone icon in your productivity sidebar on the SMS tab (the two talk bubbles). You can also use voice dictation to compose SMS texts from the SMS slideout.

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