Troubleshoot Your Emails Going to Spam

Using Shape to send emails and experiencing deliverability issues? If your messages are frequently going to the spam folder, the primary culprit is likely due to the processes your recipient’s email client uses to sort and filter messages. The options available to resolve this yourself may be limited if the issue is indeed on the recipient’s end, however, here are some immediate steps you can take:

Ask That Your Domain Be Safeslisted/Whitelisted

The easiest and quickest way to get your emails out of the spam folder is to ask your recipient to safelist or whitelist the domain you send email from (ex.

Being added to the recipient’s safelist means you will bypass the spam folder and end up in the inbox, where you intended. Depending on the mail client your recipient is using, this can easily be updated from their email account settings menu.

Ensure Your Messages Aren’t “Spammy”

Many email clients now have sophisticated security filters meant to screen out messages they may interpret as spam. Because message content is so important to security these days, any email that contains misspellings, broken links, and other issues the filter detects as questionable may trigger a spam alert from your recipient’s email client. If you’re having trouble deciphering if your emails are being interpreted as too spammy, try one of the dozens of free online tools that can analyze your messages.

Ensure DMARC Compliance

DMARC/SPF Settings

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